Our Programs

Information Session


NACCO helps immigrants and refugees from diverse backgrounds achieve their full potential in Canada. Our friendly and multilingual staff will provide you with one-on-one information and referral services to help you settle successfully in Canada and prepare you for your refugee hearing.

Refugee Settlement Program

Free Newcomer Services and Housing settlement for Immigrants and Refugees in Niagara region. We will help refugees claimants & other newcomers from Africa and the Caribbean to settle and integrate into Canadian society and to deliver effective one-on-one and group support services for refugee claimants.

NACCO Self Care Space and Connect


The Care Connect is a coordinated CARE session for Black men and Black women by our professional support care worker.


Our New Mom Project aims to provide marginalized new families with essential infant supplies. The New Mom Project supports low-income families, refugee, asylum seekers and new immigrant  through mentorship and gift boxes full of supplies for new mothers. Offering shelter and support in times of crisis for children and mothers.

NACCO Cooking Class

You will discover the secrets of African Caribbean cuisine, using only natural ingredients. Dishes that often include coconut, plantains, rice, beans, fresh herbs and spices as well as chicken in traditional sauces. At the end of the class you will sit together with the family and taste your culinary creations.

Mentorship Program

Youths are matched with mentors with similar life experiences, barriers, share a common cultural heritage, or interests or goals in life. Appropriate measures are put in place to ensure that our young people are supported to meet their goals, Increase their chances of life and career success and enhancing educational performance through academic support.

Youth Programs

The program is a community-based initiative designed to increase the protective factors surrounding high risk youth. Specifically, the program aims to shift youth’s focus to productive, healthy, cultural, networking, educational, physical, and mental health-based activities, to prevent them from engaging in activities that lead to school disciplinary measures or early entrance into the justice system.

Senior Wellbeing & Engagement

The program supports and creates opportunity for seniors who may be isolated due to barriers such as language and/or lack of family support. Our Seniors are provided with the opportunity to connect with others, participate in various activities, have access to information on resources, enjoy friendships, and connect to services that are available in the community.

Mental Health - Counselling Program

We create awareness, understanding, and acknowledgment that various factors affect our community in different ways, and providing tools & strategies to assist our communities to address barriers to the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Black Canadians.

New Immigrant Settlement Program

New Immigrant Settlement Program can help you find information on health care, schools, housing, banking, employment and much more. These services are open to newcomers, including Canadian citizens and refugee claimants.

Economic Development

With strategic partnership and collaboration, we aim to expand tailored entrepreneurial development, training and education opportunities for the Black community,  Support the economic independence of Black entrepreneurs and Bridge partnerships among Black business ecosystem and the broader business community.

Annual Cultural Food & Music Festival

At our Annual Cultural Food and Music Festivals, we come together to celebrate local food with a live soundtrack of the very best in African and Caribbean music. Whatever your passion and music style is, we are ready for you. Come and celebrate with us annually.

Pop up Veg Market


Pop up Vegetable Market runs every Bi-weekly

Nacco’s Pop-Up Vegetable Market program brings produce from local farmers to community organizations serving neighbors in under-resourced communities. This program creates economic opportunities for local growers, improves food access for those in need, and strengthens our regional food system.

Nacco Farm-to-table


Nacco Farm-to-table runs at Beamsville ON. Farm-to-table is a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer.

Food Literacy


Food literacy is teaching about food and developing children’s healthy relationships with food, from land to table. Learning about food can prepare young children for a lifetime of healthy eating by equipping them with the beginning skills to grow, select, and cook food. Increasing food literacy in youth can improve eating habits and reduce the burden of nutrition-related chronic diseases in Ontario.




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The Niagara African Caribbean Culture Organization is pleased to announce the biweekly Pop-Up Fresh Vegetable Market, an exciting initiative aimed at promoting health, wellness, and community engagement. Held every other Thursday.

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